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RN2-15 Upright Piano

48.5″ Upright Piano • Ritmüller Classic

RN2-15 Upright Piano
  • Silver Hardware (Ebony)
  • Brass Hardware (Mahogany)
  • German Röslau wire, Copper Wound Bass Strings
  • Pearl River Hammers with Mahogany Core, Imported Japanese Reinforced White Felt
  • All Spruce Tapered Soundboard
  • Slow Fallboard
  • Ebony Sharps
  • Ritmüller Action

MSRP starting at $8,150 (USD)

Available Finishes:

Polished Ebony
Polished Ebony
Polished Grained Mahogany
Polished Grained Mahogany

Size and Weight:

Height: 48.5″

Width: 60″

Depth: 23.5″

Weight: 565 LBS


Specifications are subject to change without notice.