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The Superior Sessions Recordings

Thanks to our friends in Ireland at Thornton Pianos and Hot Press Magazine, the European sound of Ritmüller is being showcased in a series of videos titled The Superior Sessions.’ Featuring some of Ireland’s best-emerging talent, these musicians all rely on the exceptional tonal quality of Ritmüller in support of their performances. Keep checking here for new Superior Sessions in the near future.

Colm Gavin – Since Baby Went Away

Colm Gavin – Your Little Corner of the Moon

Muireann – Moon River

Muireann – Us

Jacob Koopman – Weight Of The Wave

Jacob Koopman – Is That What You Wanted?

Nathan Mac – Better Off Without You

Nathan Mac – Carolina

Gemma Cox – Dreams

Gemma Cox – Whale On My Shoulder

Megan Burke – Purple Rain

Megan Burke – Where Did You Find Love

Welcome to Music China 2020

Pearl River Piano Group welcomes music enthusiasts to Music China 2020

Music China is the most comprehensive event in the music industry in Asia. Ritmüller and the Pearl River Piano Group are proud to present the largest display of acoustic pianos ever. Among the highlights of the show are the Celestial Harmony Spacewalk, the first grand piano created by 3D printing technology, unique exotic veneers by Kayserburg, a “Sound of Spring” Art Case Edition model plus a one-of-a-kind original Ritmüller upright piano built in 1899.

Click through our slide show to see a series of images covering the 2020 show, starting with day one and the initial setup through the following days. We will showcase the latest innovations from Ritmüller and the Pearl River Piano Group and other exciting news.

The Thornton Pianos Competition Announces Its Second Winner

Following its highly successful first competition that resulted in the awarding of a white Ritmüller Modern 112 piano to piano teacher/performer Gemma Cox, Ireland’s Thornton Pianos and Hot Press Magazine has announced the winner of their second competition.

A beautiful black Ritmüller Classic 118 piano was awarded to Anne McCaffrey and her family from County Offaly. After giving up decades ago Anne was recently inspired to start playing the piano again by her children’s interest in music. 

As before, the winner was selected from written entries that reflected on the role of music as a crucial form of expression in their lives, especially during the current lockdown. The 14,466 entries included young aspiring musicians, music-loving families, piano teachers, and professional players.

The Ritmüller Classic 118 has been a top seller at Thornton Pianos’ Dublin showroom, offering a fresh, clean, and attractive style. Premium quality materials and processes are found throughout, including vertically laminated bridges for durability and crown retention, a responsive action allowing for a broad dynamic range, and quality hardwoods.

Ritmüller Classic 118 piano awarded to McCaffrey Family